The Home of Checkpointing Packages

What is this site for? This site is intended to be a portal for users to find their specific checkpointing packages.

What is checkpointing? Checkpointing has different meanings in different domains. Here we are trying to address a somewhat general term for a specific context: computers and processes. So, checkpointing is the ability of taking a "snapshot picture" of a running application for later use.

What is checkpointing useful for? There are numerous uses of checkpointing an application. Some of them are: process migration, fault tolerance, data replication, playback analysis (debugging), controlled/scheduled shutdown of machines, etc.

What do you provide? Simply put, we just provide you with URL addresses of other sites that may contain useful checkpointing information. In some cases, we may host some of the packages publicly available.

What are the guarantees? There are no guarantees that any of the services provided by us or by any of the other sites linked by us will be useful to you. We do not even guarantee any information or software provided is correct.

Why did you start using Google ads on the site? This is a public service site, but it is maintained by individuals at some cost. The ads may help us pay for the costs of keeping the site up.

Who maintains this site? We are an anonymous organization. But you may write to us at .

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