The Home of Checkpointing Packages

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Package Description/Features Latest Release
EPCKPT Parallel processes, shared memory, semaphores, etc. Linux 2.4.2. Source available.
DMTCP: Distributed MultiThreaded CheckPointing User level checkpointing package. Linux 2.6.25. Debian package. Source available.
DynAMOS Kernel updater package with checkpointing capabilities. Linux 2.4. Source not yet available.
CryoPid A process freezer for Linux. User-level, no kernel modifications. Linux 2.4 & 2.6. Source available.
UCLiK Unconstrained Checkpointing in the Linux Kernel. Based on CRAK, based on EPCKPT. Linux 2.4. Source available
Checkpointing Research Team Kernel and user-level checkpointing. Solaris 8/9, SGI Altix. Source available.
Asim Shankar's Checkpointing User-level core dump mechanism for checkpointing and restarting. No relinking nor recompiling needed. Source available.
SBUML - ScrapBook for User-Mode Linux Checkpointing, compression, and migration of user-mode Linux virtual machines. No kernel modifications required. Linux 2.4.23. Source available
Dragon Fly BSD BSD kernel distribution. BSD. Source available
Dynamite User-level. No recompilations nor relinking. Includes support for parallel processes (PVM/MPI). Linux and Solaris. Source available.
Porch Portable across heterogeneous machines. User-level compiler infrastructure. Linux, AIX, Solaris, HPUX, Irix, FreeBSD. Source available.
Esky User-level checkpointing. Works under Linux 2.2 and Solaris 2.6 and is written to be independent of CPU type. Linux/Solaris. Source available.
CKPT User-level checkpointing library for Linux. Does not require recompilation nor relinking of applications. Linux. Source available.
Scalable Systems Checkpoint Kernel-level checkpoint system for MPI applications. Linux. Source not available yet.
Software Suspend Kernel-level checkpoint to enable a machine to enter suspend mode (hibernate) Linux 2.6. Will probably be in mainstream kernel.
Chpox Kernel module. Linux. Source available.
Condor User level checkpointing and other tools for batch job scheduling. v6.3 for Unix and v6.2 for NT. Binaries only.
Libckpt Library for user-level checkpointing on Unix-based uniprocessors. With memory exclusion, to save image size. August 7, 1995
CRAK (Dead link) A module based on EPCKPT. Same features. Linux 2.4.x. Source available.

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